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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tails Tuesday

Yesterday Joey got the funniest video of Sage.  She absolutely loves to play with this piece of shoelace Joey has.  Joey got the video of her getting ready to pounce it.  She shook her tail end like there was no tomorrow! So cute!

Got up this morning and sat down to do my mornig routine of putting on my make up before having my breakfast and coffee.  Sit down, turn to my left, hugeee line of cat puke on the window sill!! Oh Fizzy.  What is the matter with you? 

Thought id just add some awesome pics of my kitties! Enjoy!


my cutie



Sage Paw

pretty fizz

Their favorite place, windows! They are indoor cats, as I live in the middle of town where there are cars everywhere!!

yay enjoy!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Away

Havent had much time for posting lately.  Been busy with work and looking for new work.  

This will be my last day as Administrative Assistant at my current job.  I have been here for about 5 months.  Some of that was on the job training for my course at the local community colledge and then I was hired on for help over the summer.  Well, as you can feel.  Summer is gone.   Its cold and windy out today.  Perfect weather for walking though.  Which I think im going to start to do more often.  Trying to eat better, lose weight, and put some activeity in my life style!

Fizz and Sage have been lazying around the house as usual.  Not much really going on with them.   Although I was surprised when Fizz got a little friendly the other day.  Sat next to me and let me pet her for a long time.  I love when shes like that! :]
My babes together! :]
Anyway, off i go!

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Cats

Havent had much time for posting lately.  But that will all change soon.  I will be officially laid off next week.  :[ Ive been job hunting like mad, with a few interviews, but no job yet.  Grr.. hope I can get something!!

Cats are being cats.  Lazying around and not doing much of anything.  Moms cats didnt enjoy the cat house either! :[ Why cant these kitties like things we buy them damnit?!?!

Fizz is currently taking a snooze under the lamp.  She loves her lamp.  Sometimes she sits with her face right up to the light with her eyes closed.  I think she likes the heat! hehehehehe

Anyway.. pic for the day.. and off to work I go in a while..

Having a taste of daddys ice cream!!

Friday, September 17, 2010


Well, its friday afternoon.  Another week gone.  No plans so far for this weekend other than hanging out with Fizz, Sage, and Joey.  Have I mentioned my boyfriends name before?  Hmm.. well in case anyone is wondering, thats him :]

Mom came and took away the new cat house yesterday evening.  Its a shame they werent interested in it.  I thought it would be so cute.. :[  *Sigh*

When I went home for lunch Sage looked royally pissed.  Not sure what her problem was.  Her ears were all pulled back and her eyes had a look that said "BACK AWAY!"  Fizz was napping as per usual. :]

And, of course, here is a picture of my sweet fizzy. ♥

Under the lamp. hehe

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Upset Tummies..

Fizzy always seems to be coughing up hair balls.  My poor girl :[  Ive tried to buy hairball control food, but she isnt really into it.  Actually, she likes her one kind and thats pretty much it! Whiskas!  Sage rarely every throws up though? *sigh* Maybe with fizz its because she is older and her stomach is different?

Today the "cat house" went away to my mothers.  We will see if perhaps her cats can actually enjoy it.  It was just taking up space here at our small apartment.  Grr, I wish my cats liked nice things!! Not just string and bags! LOL

Anyway, today was a so-so day at work.  As of today, I am done working at my current job in two weeks.  So the job hunt continues as I look for new employment.  Hopfully I can find something full time and permanent!!!  I will miss my current co-workers and the fun times at the office.  :[

Anyway.. todays pic..

My "baby" Sage looking though some flowers.  Both pretty! :]

Nows its off to ride on the elliptical.  Gotta lose some pounds! :P

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesdays

After discovering it on other blogs, Im going to start Wordless Wednesday.. of course.. this one has words to start off.. hehehe

one of LOLCATS i made :]

Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Both me and that cats could use some exercise.  Sage was getting hers this afternoon when I went home for lunch.  "daddy" was making her run circles on the bed with a shoelace.  Ohhh how she loves to chase that shoelace.  But the cat treehouse is looking lonelier than ever.  I think Ill give it a little longer, and if they dont grow to love it, I will perhaps donate it to my mother.  Her cats seem more adventurous then my fur babies.

< Sage and her belly!

The weather is getting colder and colder.  In a way it feels good.  To be able to snuggle up in my snuggie, and to soon take out my electric blanket and cozy up.  But Im not enjoying the coldness at work.  They air conditioner is still on, and im freezing my buns off!! >.< 

< Sage trying to keep the cold from getting in under the door! :]

So, another tuesday on its way to being done and not alot different from all the others.

Correction, my nephew is here for a visit at work.. that always making the day better :]

Monday, September 13, 2010

Work Week

So as another monday morning comes I try to savour the last hours of weekend sleep.  But of course, nocturnal Fizz is up before everyone else.  She likes to run around on the hardwood floors.  This makes nice clicking noises from her lovely toe nails.  I think the boyfriend might get upset soon.  I get up to pee and I think Fizz thinks this is a threat to lock her in the bathroom, because when I come back, she is silent.  Good girl. :]

Why does she insits on mornings?  Why cant she stay alseep until I get up?  Like her sister, Sage? >.<

Well, I think I should probably tell you some about myself as well as my cats.  As in my profile I am a 23 year old female from Nova Scotia.  I live in a small.. "quiet" town.  Quiet as in there is not a lot going on.  "Quiet" because there is a lot of talk.  Everyones buiness is everyone elses.. joys of a small town.

Ive been living with my boyfriend, Joey, for about 5 years!  We have two awesome cats.  Sometimes to Joey, not so awesome. 

I just graduated from Community College with Honours in Office Administration.  I have a job at the moment at a local insurance business, but soon will be laid off.  So, while I look for more work, I will have lots of time to spend with the boyfriend and cats :]

Sunday, September 12, 2010


This morning I woke up with the feeling of fall. I was wrapped up in my blankets with the chillyness all around me.  Soon I will have to close the windows and my cats will have to find a new favorite place to lay.  We will see how this turns out. 

Yesterday I was looking though pics of my babies, trying to find good ones to put on my new blog.  I found ones of sage when we first got her.  She was so tiny, so bright eyed.  What happened? hehe

Here is one of the very few times Sage and Fizz laid together. So innocent. 

For now its a some what quiet day.  We will see what the day has to bring later.  :]

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crash, bang, boom!

I was awoken last night be a loud BANG in the middle of the night!   I got up to inspect.. cats had knocked over a candle off a bookcase.    But heres the kicker!! In order to get ONTO the book case, they had to have been on the NEW CAT TREE HOUSE?! So, does this mean they are exploring it while we are sound asleep at night?  Its a start.  Right?

THis morning Fizz is absolutly wild.  Running around like a maniac.  Trying to climb in the small space between the window and the frame.  Something about mornings gets her going like mad.  Not good when its the weekend and I want to SLEEP IN!!

 Heres fizz at the window.  There is something about the air that gets her going as well.  As soon as its warm enough to open a window.. they live on the window sill. :]

Love this picture with her big bright eyes :]

Well, I am really starting to enjoy this blogging thing.  I love to write, so naturally this is great for me :]  Now to get some people READING! LOL

Friday, September 10, 2010

Cat for Cat

As I returned home for lunch today, i noticed no cats on the "tree house".  I bought them, just yesterday, a cat post/house/play thing.  They dont seem very interested so far.   How can I get my kittys to LOVE THIS THING??

( photos soon to come of the "thing")

Sage seems mildly interested in the house part of it.  She has gone in a few times.  She also is showing some interest in the ratty toys that came with it.

What I really want is for them to climb all over it, scratch at it, go absolutly nuts.  They have not.  I guess its only day two, Ill try and give it a few more days.  :\


Welcome to my blog! First thing I should probably do is make introductions.  My name is RenĂ©e.  Im a 23 year old girl from Nova Scotia Canada.  A quiet drinking town, with a fishing problem.  :P

And these are my cats!!

This is Sage, shes only over a year old.  We adopted her from a lady in our town.  Shes quite the character, and she loves to eat.... everything!! lol

  This is Fizz! When my and my Boyfriend moved into a place where we were finally allowed to have cats, we adopted Fizz, shes about 9-10 years old.  Shes a little more reserved and likes to keep to herself.  But sometimes she just bursts out of her shell and goes wild.  Shes my baby :]

So.. thats me.  Two cats and a boyfriend!! Ive created this blog to just write about my life and our little adventures and quirks.  Hope you enjoy!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Test Post

Just a test for my first post! :]

Following me!