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Thursday, September 16, 2010

Upset Tummies..

Fizzy always seems to be coughing up hair balls.  My poor girl :[  Ive tried to buy hairball control food, but she isnt really into it.  Actually, she likes her one kind and thats pretty much it! Whiskas!  Sage rarely every throws up though? *sigh* Maybe with fizz its because she is older and her stomach is different?

Today the "cat house" went away to my mothers.  We will see if perhaps her cats can actually enjoy it.  It was just taking up space here at our small apartment.  Grr, I wish my cats liked nice things!! Not just string and bags! LOL

Anyway, today was a so-so day at work.  As of today, I am done working at my current job in two weeks.  So the job hunt continues as I look for new employment.  Hopfully I can find something full time and permanent!!!  I will miss my current co-workers and the fun times at the office.  :[

Anyway.. todays pic..

My "baby" Sage looking though some flowers.  Both pretty! :]

Nows its off to ride on the elliptical.  Gotta lose some pounds! :P

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