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Friday, September 10, 2010


Welcome to my blog! First thing I should probably do is make introductions.  My name is Renée.  Im a 23 year old girl from Nova Scotia Canada.  A quiet drinking town, with a fishing problem.  :P

And these are my cats!!

This is Sage, shes only over a year old.  We adopted her from a lady in our town.  Shes quite the character, and she loves to eat.... everything!! lol

  This is Fizz! When my and my Boyfriend moved into a place where we were finally allowed to have cats, we adopted Fizz, shes about 9-10 years old.  Shes a little more reserved and likes to keep to herself.  But sometimes she just bursts out of her shell and goes wild.  Shes my baby :]

So.. thats me.  Two cats and a boyfriend!! Ive created this blog to just write about my life and our little adventures and quirks.  Hope you enjoy!

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