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Friday, December 31, 2010

Floofy Friday

Well, its the last floofy Friday of 2010.  Mom wants to wish everyone a safe and happy new years eve and best in 2011!! :]

 Again for Floofy friday, we would like to show off our country cousin.  Fluffy Cat! 

Look at that floofy tail!!

Anyway, Happy New Year to all the kitties and mommy's and daddy's out there! Enjoy the last day of 2010!!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Thursday Thoughts

Well, I had a little bit of a traumatized even lastnite.  First, I had a little knot in my fur, which was no big problem.  Dad had  to cut it out.  I was quite good for that. 

But, I had a little accident in my furs, on my butts.. use your imagination.... :\  Dad was trying to clean me up.  Well, I DID NOT LIKE THAT! Mom had to help hold me, while dad was near my bum!! HOW RUDE! But mom held on to me, and told me it was ok.  I was really scared tho.  :[ Not good!  

But now I'm squeaky clean! Yay

 All Happy Now! : ]

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Wednesday Words

Ma is going back to work today.  But, luckily she has only two and a half days to work and then another mini vacation for new years eve/day! Purrss.

The tree is gone, so no more temptation for us to play with it.  BUT mom got this awesome footstool that is perfect for me! Its just the right size for my curvy kitty figure! Although ma has said its not for us, she thinks I look too cute on it to make me get off.   Score one for me! 

Here is another place I shouldn't be!! Score 2 for Sage! ;]

Enjoy your Wednesday everyone! :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tails Tuesday

Well, we are some glad to be indoor cats today.  Its a blustery, windy, cold, and snowy day! We are glad mom is still home from work today, so she didn't have to venture out in this.  She walks to work, she might have gotten LOST!!
Here's some tails for you.
Me and Fizz, of course, in our usually spot.  At the window.  
Isn't my back pretty? :]

Anyway, hope everyone is nice and warm inside today!! Brrr, keep safe friends!

Monday, December 27, 2010

Woman Cat Monday

Well, it doesn't feel like a Monday.  Mom slept in till 10:00!! That's way late for her! Shes usually up and gone out the door by now! But she is still on Christmas Vacation.  So that's nice for us.

I had an awesome snuggle time with Mom last night.  I laid on her belly while she petted and petted me.  She even had a nice new fuzzy house coat that way nice for me to lay on.  Ahhh... the holidays!

We got a big bag of our fav cat food as a Christmas gift from the in-laws! So you know we will be enjoying that! YUM!

Anyway, mom is on a video craze lately.  So here is me clicking at the birdies outside! 

Almost 2011 Kitties!! 

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Extra Boxing Day Treat

Heres a video of me playing with my fav ball! :D  Happy Boxing Day Everyone!

Easy Sunday

Hope everyone had a great christmas and that Santa Paws found them alright.  Mom is now off and can spend some time with us for the next 3 days! :D  I may be a little slack in posting for the next bit, as we are enjoying having mom home, and spending time with her.  

Again, Merry Christmas to all our friends out there! :D

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Mom wants to test out her first post of a video.. if it works.. enjoy! :D

So, heres just me, playing in one of daddys bags! I do a little bit of a bumshake too! mom will post more in the next little while! Enjoy!

Thusday Thoughts

Well, today mom is asking for some advice.  She knows how smart you all are and knows you can answer this for her. 

Mom heard that onions and grapes are bad for kitties?  Is this really true?  And she wants to know if there are any other items that are no-nos for hungry kitties?

Thanks in advance! 

Ps. Heres a high five for all the  great answers I know im going to get :D

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Wordless Wednesday : Moms Edits

just a couple edits of fizz.. mom went a little overboard! LOL

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Tuesday Tails

Tuesday.. Tuesday.. only 4 more sleeps until we get to play with all the paper that is going to come off those boxes under the tree! Mom said she wants to toss it ALL around and let us play in it as they open their gifts! Doesn't that sound like fun?!

Hope everyone is ready for the big day! And if not, get your tail in gear!! 

Here I am protecting my wrapping paper, its still on the boxes, but it needs to be protected!
I see you wayyy down there.... don't think you are getting close to my boxes!

Monday, December 20, 2010

woMAN Cat Monday

Mondays! Only a few more days till we get to rip open all of those neat boxes!! Let the paper fly!! Its going to be some good times!! :D Mom says she is getting too excited to work! Luckily she only has this week, then she is off for four and a half days! Purrsss 

Hmmm, not sure if this poseis woMANly.  Might be a little too much??

This one if probably more appropriate!

Have a great Monday to all the woman cats out there! Ok, the mancats too ;]

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Sunday

Taking it easy today.  Started off by climbing in bed with mom and dad.  Mom was nice enough to pat while she was still trying to sleep.  :]  How nice.

Now, relaxing the rest of the day, looking out the window for birdies and what not.  I like to make clicking noises at them.  Hope they get the message.. "Hey, Birdy! Come closer! I wanna play with you."

Have a good Sunday Everyone! 

This isn't today ^, notice how there's no snow. hehe, but this is my fav window to watch the outside world! :D

Saturday, December 18, 2010

Xtra Caturday Post

Just had to make an extra Caturday post today.

I found I now have 7 Followers! When I first started, I was discouraged that no one would ever follow.  THEN i found all YOUR great blogs! As the more great blogs I find, the more awesome kitties I found, and the more people I find following me!

Just a Kitty THANKS! Its fun to be part of the blog world! :D


Looking at all the blogs this morning.. I feel a little left out.  Its always MEN cat.  Like this photo hunt that is male kitty's.  What about me?! :[ And MANCAT Monday!! What about poor little me?!  Well, I think us girl Kittys gotta stick together, hold our heads up high, and purrss loud enough to be heard! 

Sounds like a lot of work.. meh.. I'll just enjoy being on the sidelines for now! 

Happy Caturday Everyone! One week till Santa Paws! 

I think i look all lady like here! :D

Friday, December 17, 2010

Floofy Friday

Oops. I was yelled at this morning for getting to close to a present under the tree.  I realllllyyy wanted to bite it, and mom could see thats what I had in mind.  She scolded me before i could get the chance! :[

Anyway, FLOOFY FRIDAY! Lets find a floofy pic...... searching..... searching....

For this floofy friday we must include our country cat friend.. Fluffy! He is just so fluffy  and soft!  He was shaved this summer and his name didn't quite fit him anymore, but his fur is now growing back in and he will soon be on his way to looking just like this pic! :D

Happy Friday everyone! *purrs*

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well, its thursday! Me and Fizz are thankful to be a part of the Christmas spirit and festivities! This is the first year that mom will be spending Christmas morning with us.  In the past she spends it in the country with her parents and sister.  But this year, christmas morning is going to be our little family of four.  Me and Fizz, and Ma and Pa. 

Here are some pictures of us in the Christmas spirit! 

A little dark, but heres Fizz on her favorite arm rest, with the tree in the background!

A pretty bow fer Fizz!

I do not think Fizz is impressed here! hehe

Im trying to catch a pretty bow in front of the Christmas Tree!

Merry Christmas Everyone! We are getting excited!! PURRS!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Tummy Tuesday

Heres my Tummy! Ive really gotta get working out! Being an indoor cat has its benefits and its downsides.  Warm and cozy, with soft couches and chairs to sleep on! But not enough opportunity for exercise to trim down the fur belly!

Indoor cat food might help, but Fizz only likes her one kind, so we have to go with what she likes.. sheesh.. SPOILED!! 

Anyway, happy tuesday everyone! Its a windy day here, so we are trying to to blow away!! PURRS

Monday, December 13, 2010

WoMAN Cat Monday

Since we dont have a MAN cat in our house, its going to be woMAN cat mondays :]

Today was a very wet and lazy day.  Perfect for sleeping and laying on comfy furniture.  Like mom and dads leather chair! PURRfect!

MORE BOXES UNDER THE TREE!! There is now a small mountain of colorful, papery, boxes under the tree.  Its so tempting!! But I must be good for Santa Paws!

Hope everyone else in the cat blog world is being good as well!!

 Here is my woMAN cat undies! Arent they awesome?! :D

Cheers everyone! Have a great Man Cat Monday! :] Or WoMAN.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Floofy Friday

Yay! Its Friday! You know what that means, right? Moms home for a few days! :D 

Well, mom claims she is just about done her christmas shopping!! Is this even possible?  We will see if she changes her mind and gets more presents.  

Its a white looking day outside.  The kind that makes you want to stay inside and drink warm milk from your kitty dish, curl up in moms snuggie, and purr the day away.  This is probably what I will end up doing.  Good times.  Purrsss

I hope everyone is safe and warm on this friday and are almost ready for christmas and the new year!! Cheers to all my friends out there! :D Heres a christmas card from us! 


Monday, December 6, 2010


Its all white outside!! The ground is covered, the road is covered, its everywhere! Snow!  

I really want to go outside and jump in it! Do you think mom will let me?  Hmm, maybe I can talk dad into it! ;]

Oh, there was the BEST present under the tree last night... check this out..

Whats better then a purring, cuddly present like me?!

Ok, Im done now! 

Enjoy your Monday in the snow everyone!! 


Friday, December 3, 2010


Yay! Its Friday! You know what that means?  Mom is home for the weekend!! Two whole days mom gets to stay home with us! :d Purrss.  

Ok, I was a little bad lately.  Mom has been getting after me for going behind the big tree in the house.  But its so pretty!! I wanna play with it! 

Oh yea, I got in trouble this morning too for playing with sometime very early in the morning.  But it was a paper ball! So fun!  

Oh well, hope everyone has a great friday and weekend!! 

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Morning all!  We all have things we are thankful for.  Im thankful for a nice warm place to live.  Human parents that feed me, pet me, and love me!  What are you thankful for?

Mom says she is thankful for her wonderful family that helps her out so much in life! Shes thankful for her awesome boyfriend, and thankful for her health and happiness of herself and all those she loves. :]

Here I am being thankful for a warm, soft place to sleep! :]
Here I am being thankful for being adopted by my new family!
Here Fizz is being thankful for being able to enjoy the outside even though shes not allowed to go out!
Here Fizz is just being thankful for a good place to sleep, eat, and be loved!
Have a great Thursday everyone! Remember what you are thankful for in life!! 


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