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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Tails Tuesday

Yesterday Joey got the funniest video of Sage.  She absolutely loves to play with this piece of shoelace Joey has.  Joey got the video of her getting ready to pounce it.  She shook her tail end like there was no tomorrow! So cute!

Got up this morning and sat down to do my mornig routine of putting on my make up before having my breakfast and coffee.  Sit down, turn to my left, hugeee line of cat puke on the window sill!! Oh Fizzy.  What is the matter with you? 

Thought id just add some awesome pics of my kitties! Enjoy!


my cutie



Sage Paw

pretty fizz

Their favorite place, windows! They are indoor cats, as I live in the middle of town where there are cars everywhere!!

yay enjoy!

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