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Monday, September 13, 2010

Work Week

So as another monday morning comes I try to savour the last hours of weekend sleep.  But of course, nocturnal Fizz is up before everyone else.  She likes to run around on the hardwood floors.  This makes nice clicking noises from her lovely toe nails.  I think the boyfriend might get upset soon.  I get up to pee and I think Fizz thinks this is a threat to lock her in the bathroom, because when I come back, she is silent.  Good girl. :]

Why does she insits on mornings?  Why cant she stay alseep until I get up?  Like her sister, Sage? >.<

Well, I think I should probably tell you some about myself as well as my cats.  As in my profile I am a 23 year old female from Nova Scotia.  I live in a small.. "quiet" town.  Quiet as in there is not a lot going on.  "Quiet" because there is a lot of talk.  Everyones buiness is everyone elses.. joys of a small town.

Ive been living with my boyfriend, Joey, for about 5 years!  We have two awesome cats.  Sometimes to Joey, not so awesome. 

I just graduated from Community College with Honours in Office Administration.  I have a job at the moment at a local insurance business, but soon will be laid off.  So, while I look for more work, I will have lots of time to spend with the boyfriend and cats :]

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