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Monday, September 27, 2010

Time Away

Havent had much time for posting lately.  Been busy with work and looking for new work.  

This will be my last day as Administrative Assistant at my current job.  I have been here for about 5 months.  Some of that was on the job training for my course at the local community colledge and then I was hired on for help over the summer.  Well, as you can feel.  Summer is gone.   Its cold and windy out today.  Perfect weather for walking though.  Which I think im going to start to do more often.  Trying to eat better, lose weight, and put some activeity in my life style!

Fizz and Sage have been lazying around the house as usual.  Not much really going on with them.   Although I was surprised when Fizz got a little friendly the other day.  Sat next to me and let me pet her for a long time.  I love when shes like that! :]
My babes together! :]
Anyway, off i go!

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