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Tuesday, September 14, 2010


Both me and that cats could use some exercise.  Sage was getting hers this afternoon when I went home for lunch.  "daddy" was making her run circles on the bed with a shoelace.  Ohhh how she loves to chase that shoelace.  But the cat treehouse is looking lonelier than ever.  I think Ill give it a little longer, and if they dont grow to love it, I will perhaps donate it to my mother.  Her cats seem more adventurous then my fur babies.

< Sage and her belly!

The weather is getting colder and colder.  In a way it feels good.  To be able to snuggle up in my snuggie, and to soon take out my electric blanket and cozy up.  But Im not enjoying the coldness at work.  They air conditioner is still on, and im freezing my buns off!! >.< 

< Sage trying to keep the cold from getting in under the door! :]

So, another tuesday on its way to being done and not alot different from all the others.

Correction, my nephew is here for a visit at work.. that always making the day better :]

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