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Thursday, January 5, 2012

Thursday Thoughts

Once again, where did I leave off?  Oh yes.. MOM STOLE MY PEE! She took it away. Out of the house, to the vet.  I had been to this vet once before when I was little. I came out groggy and sore.  This is NOT happening again.

Mom got a phone call later saying, they needed to see me.   No explanation about my pee.. they just needed to see me.

Mom put me in this little boxy cage thing.  I was so scared! Then she put me into this big car thing!!  What is going on?!

We arrived at the vet.  I had to wait in my cage with all these other weird animals around me.  I think they were all scared too.  Why are our humans doing this?  Next I was called in.  We went to a little room and mom opened the cage door.  I would. not. come. out.  She had to take it apart to get me.  They put me on a table and checked my weight and what not.  No one needs to know what my weight was.......... Finally they told mom I had some blood and crystals in my pee pee.  I needed was some pills to help me get better.  Before I left the lady shaved my nether regions, so it got rid of all the stinky pee pee fur.

I took my meds and started to feel better.  :)  I guess the vet CAN be a good place.. sometimes..

All Better!

Also, mom just got back from her interview.  She said it felt GREATTTTTTTTTT to be out and actually just DO an interview.  :] She knows she messed up on one part.. hopfully that can be overlooked.. GO MOM!

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Purrs Please!

Momma is nervous! I would like to get her some purrs, licks, and snuggles from all the kitties out there!

... She has a job interview tomorrow morning!!  Shes super nervous, I can tell.  Fizz has been trying to keep her mind off it.  Giving her some massages, and staying by her side.  Mom hasn't worked in about a year because of her anxiety, or as we like to say The Saddies.  So she needs encouragment  that she can at least do the interview! 

Purrs Mom, YOU CAN DO IT!!

Ma.. look at me.. you got this!!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Do any of my blogger friends have Pintrest?  Mom would be very interested in following and sharing with you all! :D

http://pinterest.com/cupcakecats/  This is moms!

Let us know! If you do follow us, let us know who you are on the blogger world!

Tails Tuesday

Welcome to part 2 of "What happened while sage was away from blogging?"

Soo, we left off that I was eatting Vaseline for my little problem.  Well being able to make poopie was great, I started having another problem.

Mom notices something wasn't quiet right, not even sure how it really started.  But, I was still having bathroom problems, but this time, it was peeing.  I was getting pee all over my furs when I went.  And I never do that!  I was stinky too.  *blush*  Again ma had to call the vet.  This time they wanted a sample.  A sample of what you ask?  MY PEE! They wanted to take my pee!! And let me tell you, I did NOT make it easy for Ma.  Took her over a week.  Till finally I had to go so0o0o bad, that she tricked me and put a containing under me!  Ahh the worst was over.......

*scary music*

I think I scared Fizz with my scary music... oopsie!

Monday, January 2, 2012

Monday Mischief

Well ladies and gentlecats.  While we were on a break from blogging, there was some wild stuff going on around here!

First, I was a little.. backed up.  I was having trouble using my little box after dad gave me a great snack that the vets office said "NO MORE!" Cheeseeeee. Nom nom nom  Momma called the vets office and they advised her to give me vasaline?  I did NOT like it at alllllllll.  But I gotta thank ma for making me eat it.. cuz I was good to go after that!

Thats one of our stories for you for now.  More to come!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well its the first day of 2012.  Feels the same so far..

Anyway, hope everyone had a blast last night with lots of nip and celebrations, and kisses ;]
My humans were quite boring.  Momma didn't even make it till 12.  Party pooper!

That said... I need some help! MOL  See where we have our birthday trackers?   I cant figure out in the design mode how to change the color of that black background?? Whats that part called? MOL Momma is not  good with this!!

Anyway, enjoy your day everyone!!!!!!!!!!!

Just little old me.. :D

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