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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Busy Cats

Havent had much time for posting lately.  But that will all change soon.  I will be officially laid off next week.  :[ Ive been job hunting like mad, with a few interviews, but no job yet.  Grr.. hope I can get something!!

Cats are being cats.  Lazying around and not doing much of anything.  Moms cats didnt enjoy the cat house either! :[ Why cant these kitties like things we buy them damnit?!?!

Fizz is currently taking a snooze under the lamp.  She loves her lamp.  Sometimes she sits with her face right up to the light with her eyes closed.  I think she likes the heat! hehehehehe

Anyway.. pic for the day.. and off to work I go in a while..

Having a taste of daddys ice cream!!

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