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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Yucky Tuesday

Well, first post in a long time.  Since I left work, I really havent had the chance to get on the computer.  Still no signs of work in the future, but still looking.

Fizz and Sage are as usual.  Lazy! lol  Its finally too cold for windows to be open and im sure that is driving them mad!! They love to sit in the window and the fresh air usually drives them bananas!!

What is with my cat taking a poo, and getting it all stuck in her fur?  To the point where we have to hold her down and CUT IT OUT?! How does that happen?

Found out my annoying ass neighbor, who just got kicked out, has tons of fleas!! Arg, so this is probably why my babies got them.  Dumb ass.  I feel bad for his dog, such a sweet, nice dog... with an asshole for a owner.  :[

Today I watched a video of my previous baby.  Ozena.   Our hooded rat.  She sadly had to be put down over a year ago because of a tumor on her belly.  I really miss her.  :[


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