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Saturday, September 11, 2010

Crash, bang, boom!

I was awoken last night be a loud BANG in the middle of the night!   I got up to inspect.. cats had knocked over a candle off a bookcase.    But heres the kicker!! In order to get ONTO the book case, they had to have been on the NEW CAT TREE HOUSE?! So, does this mean they are exploring it while we are sound asleep at night?  Its a start.  Right?

THis morning Fizz is absolutly wild.  Running around like a maniac.  Trying to climb in the small space between the window and the frame.  Something about mornings gets her going like mad.  Not good when its the weekend and I want to SLEEP IN!!

 Heres fizz at the window.  There is something about the air that gets her going as well.  As soon as its warm enough to open a window.. they live on the window sill. :]

Love this picture with her big bright eyes :]

Well, I am really starting to enjoy this blogging thing.  I love to write, so naturally this is great for me :]  Now to get some people READING! LOL

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