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Saturday, December 18, 2010

Xtra Caturday Post

Just had to make an extra Caturday post today.

I found I now have 7 Followers! When I first started, I was discouraged that no one would ever follow.  THEN i found all YOUR great blogs! As the more great blogs I find, the more awesome kitties I found, and the more people I find following me!

Just a Kitty THANKS! Its fun to be part of the blog world! :D


  1. That's how it starts...one or two or seven...then next thing you know, you're following over 300 blogs (as the mom is) and then you can't keep up. Because to get/keep followers you have to visit other blogs and post, at least from time to time. LOL. So it can mushroom pretty quickly! :-D

    Are you linking your posts on the Cat Blogosphere? We don't recall how we found you. If not, do post your blog link every day that you have a new post.

    The mom had our blog going since May 2009, but didn't find the CB until late December 2009, early January 2010. We didn't have any followers, she posted pics for family members who live in other parts of the country, then we found the CB, started linking and visiting and posting, Huffle did a Friends on Friday post that included us...and the rest is history.

    The CB is an awesome "place," with truly amazing, deeply caring kitties and humans, and finding it has been the mom's biggest blessing of 2010, no kidding here at all.

  2. Hey there Sage and Fizz! we're you newest followers, the Katnip Lounge Kats! Just in case you didn't know, we're having a big blowout Gotcha day pawty for Maui on Monday...come on by and have a kitty kocktail and run around the Lounge.

  3. How and where , do I link to the CB?? Im fairly new to blogging! hehe

    thanks for the follow Katnip! Ill check you out on monday!

  4. Hi again Sage and Fizz! Ditto what Kea said. You can find the Cat Blogosphere at www(dot)blog(dot)catblogosphere(dot)com. Everyday you can link up your blog, other kitties can find you and you can make alot of new kitty friends :). Have a great weekend!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  5. Yep the CB is great fun. Glad we were one of your first followers!


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