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Monday, December 27, 2010

Woman Cat Monday

Well, it doesn't feel like a Monday.  Mom slept in till 10:00!! That's way late for her! Shes usually up and gone out the door by now! But she is still on Christmas Vacation.  So that's nice for us.

I had an awesome snuggle time with Mom last night.  I laid on her belly while she petted and petted me.  She even had a nice new fuzzy house coat that way nice for me to lay on.  Ahhh... the holidays!

We got a big bag of our fav cat food as a Christmas gift from the in-laws! So you know we will be enjoying that! YUM!

Anyway, mom is on a video craze lately.  So here is me clicking at the birdies outside! 

Almost 2011 Kitties!! 


  1. You have a very cute clicking action when you are watching the birdies outside - we were very impressed.

  2. Are you inviting the birds in to play, Sage? ;-/

    Our mom slept in today too and that meant our breakfast was late! Not good! We hope you got your mom's new house coat properly furred up :) Have a great week!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  3. I really try, but I don't think the birds want to play with me.. :[

    And don't worry about it, I get EVERYTHING properly furred up! ;]

  4. We do that to the birdies too...we think birdies must be deaf cuz they NEVER answer our invitations...rats!
    We like how you call it clicking, Mommy says "chitter" but your word is better.

  5. When I see birdy, I do the same way as you !!!!!
    Results : Bird fly away : (

  6. Cool! Your bird cackle sounds just like mine!


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