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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Easy Sunday

Taking it easy today.  Started off by climbing in bed with mom and dad.  Mom was nice enough to pat while she was still trying to sleep.  :]  How nice.

Now, relaxing the rest of the day, looking out the window for birdies and what not.  I like to make clicking noises at them.  Hope they get the message.. "Hey, Birdy! Come closer! I wanna play with you."

Have a good Sunday Everyone! 

This isn't today ^, notice how there's no snow. hehe, but this is my fav window to watch the outside world! :D


  1. Sage, your 'tv' window looks purrfect! Sounds like your Sunday is nice and easy - ours too! Purrs,

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie,and Hollie

  2. How nice of your Mom to give you sleep pettins. We love that!
    We sure wish it was open window weather...we like to chitter invitations to the birds. They never come, but we're optomistic.

  3. I love to cackle at birdies, too!

  4. Mom took a small video while I was clicking at the birds, I will edit and upload it soon.. hopefully.. if I can figure it out! >.<



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