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Monday, December 13, 2010

WoMAN Cat Monday

Since we dont have a MAN cat in our house, its going to be woMAN cat mondays :]

Today was a very wet and lazy day.  Perfect for sleeping and laying on comfy furniture.  Like mom and dads leather chair! PURRfect!

MORE BOXES UNDER THE TREE!! There is now a small mountain of colorful, papery, boxes under the tree.  Its so tempting!! But I must be good for Santa Paws!

Hope everyone else in the cat blog world is being good as well!!

 Here is my woMAN cat undies! Arent they awesome?! :D

Cheers everyone! Have a great Man Cat Monday! :] Or WoMAN.


  1. I think WoMancat Monday cat sounds just fine :-) Sage is such a cutie-pie!

  2. Your panties are cute! I do not know how to wear underwears.


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