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Thursday, December 23, 2010

Thusday Thoughts

Well, today mom is asking for some advice.  She knows how smart you all are and knows you can answer this for her. 

Mom heard that onions and grapes are bad for kitties?  Is this really true?  And she wants to know if there are any other items that are no-nos for hungry kitties?

Thanks in advance! 

Ps. Heres a high five for all the  great answers I know im going to get :D


  1. Garlic in large quantities isn't good. Onions are a definite no-no. Tomatoes too, we think. Chocolate. Raisins. Yes, grapes are bad.


  2. You have cute pawpads! We recently learned that avocado is a no-no for kitties. It has something called persin in it that is bad for us.

    Chocolate is bad for us, too. It contains theobromine, a substance very toxic to cats and dogs.

  3. Here's another link that mentions lots of things that can hurt us. Mom doesn't give us ANY human food!


  4. Our friends have all ready answered your question. We eat raw food, primarily turkey and beef, so we have never had any of those other things. (We did eat a cracker that fell on the floor once, boy was it salty!)

  5. Never knew there were so many things...

    Happiest of Holidays to all of you!!

    Fin & Mom


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