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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Wordy Wednesday

Morning All.  Got up bright and early this morning, but wasnt feeling too well.  Have a little accident on the bedroom floor.  But mom was nice enough to get up out of bed and clean it up for me.  I think Fizz knew I was feeling ill, she gave me a few comforting licks on the head after I got sick.   Thanks Sissy! ♥

So, its 7:47am and Im already tired again.  Taking a time out and relaxing on my kitting post.  

Oh, did I mention I was bad this morning once I started to feel better?  Mom got mad cuz I got up on her bed side table, oops.  Sorry mum.  

Anyway, everyone have a great day! Moms off to work soon.  She seems to do that alot lately?  


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