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Friday, November 19, 2010


Its Frrriiiidddaaayyy! That means mommy is home for the weekend! Yay! She was very tired last night, she only got home late.  I tried to bug her in bed, sniffing her face, but then I let her get back to sleep.

Moms leaving for the night tonight tho.  Off to a Christmas Party for her place of work.  Maybe she will bring me back a treat???? :]]  I am a good Kitty and deserve a treat, right??

Im sitting on my cat post this morning looking out the window.  Not much is going on this morning.. no birds, cars, people, or other cats.  Sometimes there's a nice little kitty that lives outside and visits mom sometimes.  I wont admit it to her, but I'm kind of jealous....

Mom came home lastnight looking different?  She said shse had her hair did??  I still knew it was her tho!! Purr anyway heres a pic of mommy and then Im off to watch the window some more!!


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