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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Tails Tuesday

Welcome to part 2 of "What happened while sage was away from blogging?"

Soo, we left off that I was eatting Vaseline for my little problem.  Well being able to make poopie was great, I started having another problem.

Mom notices something wasn't quiet right, not even sure how it really started.  But, I was still having bathroom problems, but this time, it was peeing.  I was getting pee all over my furs when I went.  And I never do that!  I was stinky too.  *blush*  Again ma had to call the vet.  This time they wanted a sample.  A sample of what you ask?  MY PEE! They wanted to take my pee!! And let me tell you, I did NOT make it easy for Ma.  Took her over a week.  Till finally I had to go so0o0o bad, that she tricked me and put a containing under me!  Ahh the worst was over.......

*scary music*

I think I scared Fizz with my scary music... oopsie!


  1. Just be grateful the camera wasn't in your Ma's hand when you were having your pee! When they need a picture they don't care what you're doing!!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. How embarrassing for you! If mum comes along when we are having a pee, we stare into the distance and pretend we can't see her. We know she can't see us when we do that.

  3. OH dear...that was embarrassin!
    We are so glad all of that is over!!

  4. OH NO! We wonder what happened next!?! We suspect a visit to the Ebil Vet.

  5. That is SO not fun - now I am wondering what the vet found in your pee.

  6. Then what happened to the potty she stoled from you!?!?!?

  7. Mom has always wondered how she would collect my pee if she had to. How in the world did your Mom do it?


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