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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Easy Sunday

We are all taking her easy this Sunday!  The beings have been out and about alot this week.  There is lots going on with the 250th anniversary of the town and something called Seafest, basically lots of sea stuff and activities!  

Someone who needs to be taking it extra easy is Dad.  He had a little accident and injured his paw! 

Mom and Pa still have a good sense of humor (out of order) MOL
So hope everyone else is taking it easy too! Enjoy your Sunday! Purrs from Fizz and Sage! :D
Me, on the table? NEVER!


  1. We hope your Dad's finger isn't broken and gets better soon.
    We never get on the table either - our mum imagines it!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. We hope your dad's "paw" is better soon, and that you both get some seafood from this Seafest! :-D

  3. I love to hang out on the tabletop, too! I hope your dad's finger is better soon!

  4. ha ha ha! The little cone is funny, we hope it makes your Dad's finger heal faster.

    We hope you two get all the seafood you can hold...served to you at the table you NEVER sit on!

  5. Ooopsie, what did you daddy do to his finger? We hope it gets better soon :)xx

  6. Mol at the out of order cone! We hope your dad's finger isn't hurt too bad. Sage, it looks like you have a special place mat on the table, just for you!

    Pip, Smidgen, Minnie, and Hollie

  7. Looks like you'll be doing the dishes from now MEOW on! (hahaha I'm so funny) ;) nice new layout by the way!

  8. We hope you are enjoying your Sunday. Too bad your daddy hurt his paw...we're purring that it heals fast!

  9. Your poor dad, wish him well for me! xx

  10. ahh...it might Wednesday as I read this--yet I gotta say, I bet you look pretty like that ALL week long!



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