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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Easy Sunday

Well, I think I will be taking it extra easy today.  Last night mom had to get up and clean because I was sick.  :[  I think I ate or drank too fast.  But sometimes its so exciting I cant control myself!  Mom and Dad have been asking me all morning if I'm ok, and that I was sick last night.  They must be worried.. awe!! Puurrss, makes a kitty feel special. 

 All Better Now Tho! Oh hey, its a picture after I had surgery.  That was a scary time!

Oh, and Mom wanted to show the foot stool that we like to lay on!! Now she has to get some pictures of me on it! :]

Have a great Sunday Everyone!


  1. It is tough for moms when our kitties are sick .... we always think that it is something worse than it usually turns out to be (but that doesn't stop us worrying!)

    Hope you are feeling better soon.

  2. Nothing upsets Mommy more than waking up to "urk urk URK...YAK!" But sometimes you just GOTTA do it.

    Here's to getting rid of your upset tummy!


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