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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tail Tuesday

Before we start our post for Tails Tuesday, we ask that you keep our dog friend Dixie in your thoughts.  Right now she has a lump on her noggin'.  Mom is worried about what it is.. she has known dixie for so long, and really loves her.  

On a lighter note, tails tails tails!

I must be annoyed, Im swinging my tail like crazy! hehe

Look at the fluffy tail on the appropriately named FLUFFY! Fluffy is a country cat that lives with Dixie! (Also seen here) Fluffy will soon be not-so-fluffy tho, he has a salon appointment soon! *gasp*


  1. Fluffy is very well named and his tail is furry plume like. We are sending many purrs for Dixie.
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx

  2. Maybe your swishing tail just means you're excited about something on the kitty TV station you seem to be watching. :-)

    Purrs for your woofie friend Dixie, and good luck to Fluffy with his "salon" appointment. Lion cut? We'll look for a follow-up pic. Ha.

  3. Purrs for Dixie ... and hello to the two of you!
    Thanks for visiting us.
    PS ... our hu-mom tried to email you with a picture we made for you, but it came back to us. Maybe you can email us sometime so we have the correct address... we are zoolatry at gmail dot com


  4. We are sending big purrs for Dixie! Hopefully the lump turns out to be something harmless.

    We think your tail is super floofy and cute on Fluffy!!

  5. Your tail is just beautiful :-)

  6. We are sending purrs for Dixie Dog. You have a waggly tail. Were you watching fevvers?

  7. That is one angry tail! We hope Dixie is ok and gets the all-clear xx

  8. Purrs for Dixie.
    Wow that is a floffy tail, we love it!

  9. That IS an agitated tail! We'll send big purrs to Dixie Dog...we hope it's nothing serious.

  10. Hey, Sage & Fizz. Glad to meet you.

    Fluffy might like a bit of a shave, especially if he goes outside lots. A lot of long haired kitties get lion cuts when it is hot out.

    Purrrrrring that Dixie's lump is something painless and easy to treat.

  11. That is some fancy tail action!

    I will purr my best for Dixie the dog!

  12. in the video you look like you are getting ready to attack something, we are also praying that Dixie's lump is nothing!

  13. hi!

    thanks for visiting my blog and for commenting! :)

    i hope that the lump turns out to be nothing serious and Dixie is ok! also, that tail video? cute! :))

  14. We love your "tick tock" tail! And Fluffy's tail is magnificant! Purrs and (((HUGS))) to Dixie Dog.

  15. We are sending healing purrs to Dixie.

    It it very nice to meet all of you. Welcome to the cat blogosphere.

  16. That is some fat ... um, sorry, some furry tail!

  17. Hello! Thanks for this post!


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