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Friday, August 26, 2011


We are having some difficulties because of this unfortunate issue with Daisys blog.  We are not sure now if people can see/access ours, or if they are getting a similar message on ours now.  If you can see this, please let me know if you are getting any messages! AHHH!! :[


  1. We had this problem too, were told via Chrome that we might be infected with Malware. See our posts today--Take Daisy OFF your blog roll/list (in the widget) for the time being, until she gets her site fixed. She wasn't hacked, but a site she links to was. Oh, and clear your cache/history before viewing your page again. We had this problem with a couple of other blogs, as well as our own. The mom went to Google Help Forums for malware and posted the issue, got a response pretty quickly. Oh, it's all on the CB comments today too, if you can't get to our site. Let us know if you can't get to Fuzzy Tales, by the way. Thanks. Should be fine now.

  2. We can see your post! Have you resolved the problem?

  3. I think Daisy fixed the problem link on her blog because everyone is showing up on the Chrome browser okay now, with no warnings (I never did get warnings on my Safari browser). If you ever have that problem with my blog, please let me know on my Twitter (@sparklecat) account, if you are not able to email me directly.

  4. I got a warning of someone's link that I clicked on, don't recall who or what blog I was on. Thanks for the info, Fuzzy Tales.


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