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Saturday, August 6, 2011

Caturday, REAL Caturday

I think mom is finally losing it.  She thought yesterday was Saturday.  So she let Sage post her Caturday Post... and totally forgot about my Fizz Friday Post!! How rude! I think Sage had something to do with this.

I promptly questioned her.  She denied having anything to do with it.. and there was almost a tussle! 

I let is slide.. this time.. 

But im keeping my laser eyes on you!
Hope everyone has a nice REAL Caturday!! 


  1. You are such gorgeous gals!!!!!!!!!! We will be looking for/and downloading suitable pictures so our mama can hat both of you.

    Happy Saturday, Sweeties.


  2. We so sympathise with you two - we have to keep a strict eye on our mum - she's quite dooolally at times!
    Luv Hannah and Lucy xx xx
    ps - we dont know how these mums ever managed before we all took charge of them!

  3. You guys really have good mind/Mum control--care to give us any pointers? Our humans are pants at learning.

  4. OMC that was soooo cute!

    We had a nice Saturday and hope you did too!

  5. Welllll, I can see why you might get upset, but honestly, I think Caturday should be every day!

  6. How funny. Jan is always wandering around on the wrong day. Guess it's a human thing.


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