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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordy Wednesday

Mom has asked me to change today to WORDY Wednesday.  *Sigh* Fiinneee.  

She wanted to say thank you so much to everyone that wished her well!! Shes still on the mend from her cold, but at least shes going back to work today.

Ok Mom, you asked ME to write this blog right?  My turn!

And back to MY also WORDLESS Wednesday! :]

What could this be?? ;]

Im not funny!  Ok, yes I am! :]


  1. Your mom has left you and gone back to work - you can misbehave in peace again!!
    We love your last upside down picture haha!

  2. Yes, you ARE funny, Sage, a very silly and adorable girl. :-)

    We're glad your mom's feeling better!

  3. I bet, No one can resist your cute tummy : )

  4. I lay that way ALL the time!

    Glad Mom is better!

  5. Cute close up. Thanks for stopping by. Hope your mom is on the mend.

  6. Funny in a really cute way! I really like the "hanging feet". Our fluff cat is the only one in our household who does that and I can't believe it is comfortable.


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