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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Tuesday Tail

Todays "tail" is a tale instead.  A tiny story.

Last night was kind of neat!! Mom was not feeling so great and was laying in bed.  Of course Fizz being the suck up she is, went and laid with momma in bed.  Ma was laughing cuz she was getting so0o0o0 much static off of fizz's fur! You could even see the sparks!! Ma was quite impressed.  Fizz was oblivious! MOL

I hope this doesn't happen to me?  Looks like it might hurt or be scary!! Anyway, It was funny on Fizz ;] hehehehe

Here's Fizz and her staticy tail! LOL



  1. We have to say that is quite and impressive tail!

  2. Fizz has a gorgeous, floofy tail. We hope the little sparks didn't give her a bad shock!

  3. We get sparky too. Here in the desert it's drydrydry and when Mommy gives us vigorous rubbins we shock her!
    heh heh.

  4. Wow, a sparking tail, that is very impressive in deed xx

  5. That is an electrifying tail! I got a jolt when I read it, and it really sparked my interest. 'lectricity is fun!


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